Founded by Bryan Wahler in 1984, BRW Diversified is a full-scale manufacturer, importer and distributor of countless supplies designed to satisfy the disaster preparedness needs of markets worldwide. BRW Diversified sells products on a wholesale basis only to companies committed to directly supplying and servicing the community, industry, military and government in preparation for emergencies and disasters. Organizations that have benefited from products distributed by BRW Diversified include the Red Cross, IBM, the American Automobile Association, universities and school districts, and the U.S. Postal Service.

BRW Diversified is headquartered in Chatsworth, Calif., with distribution points in Washington, Louisiana, New York, and British Columbia. For more information about BRW Diversified, products and merchandise, ordering, catalogues and price lists, please contact Sean Wahler at 818-701-0253 or by e-mail. If you do not qualify as a wholesale distributor, please contact us for the names of distributors in your area.


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