According to the American Red Cross, a disaster strikes every eight minutes. BRW Diversified can make sure your organization is adequately prepared.

BRW Diversified’s emergency preparedness products cover the full spectrum of disasters—including earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, chemical spills, and landslides. With more than 15 years of experience supplying schools, businesses, government agencies, fire departments, and paramedics with disaster preparedness goods, BRW Diversified has become synonymous with emergency preparedness. Learn how we can help you meet your unique preparedness needs.

New POGO™ Prybars!

We're proud to be offering our newly developed pry-bar (Pry Off, Gas Off). It's a pry-bar with a twist inside - a channel specially designed for easy shut-off of most gas valves. Please Check it out!

EVACU-AID™ Products

This new line of emergency products by BRW Diversified is designed to maximize rescue and first aid efforts. Current EVACU-AID products include a lightweight, easy-to-use stretcher and an insulating, protective blanket. Check out EVACU-AID now!

Newly Designed Triage Tags

Based on customer feedback, we've updated the design of our exclusive EVACU-AID triage tag. The design now incorporates more perforations for easy tear-off and sequential bar-coded IDs for systematic processing. Find out more.

Need a Light?

Don’t forget to include light sticks with your disaster preparedness supply kits. These photoluminescent devices can be key to evacuation and recovery efforts. View our full line of light sticks and reflective tape.

New Phone Numbers

Our warehouse phone numbers have changed - please update your address books!

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