EVACU-AIDô Products:
Stretchers, Blankets, and Triage Supplies:
These stretchers, safety blankets, and triage tags are the latest addition to the EVACU-AIDô product line, allowing us to offer some of the most reliable and cost-effective products in this class.
Trauma Kits:
The 50-person trauma kit was designed by EMTs to get medical emergencies under control--fast. Equipped with the essentials--including sterile dressings, bandages, gauze sponges, antiseptic wipes and antibiotic ointment, gloves, irrigation solution, telfa pads, scissors and tweezers, splints, ice pack, stretcher, and triage tags--the kit offers a convenient, portable source of trauma supplies. An accompanying manual provides instruction in basic first-aid procedures. Trauma kits are available in a variety of sizes to best suit your customers' needs.
Search & Rescue Kits:
Dark spaces, choked with debris, are the hallmark of disasters. BRW Diversified's five-person search and rescue kit helps you to reach survivors quickly and bring them to safety. Expertly designed, the kit provides rescuers with a complete set of protective gear and tools, including stretcher, hard hats, knee pads, goggles, gloves, utility knife, pliers, pry bar, wrench, and saw.
Food & Water:
Food is just one of the basic necessities of life. During disasters and emergencies, adequate nourishment is more valuable than ever. But not all food products are created equally. 
Tools & Safety:
When disaster strikes, you want to have the right tools in-hand. Our new POGO pry bar balances weight with strength, offering a sturdy bar for general search and rescue with the added benefit of convenient gas shut off using the shutoff notch. 
Thermal Products & Emergency Shelter:
Keeping warm and dry is easy with BRW Diversified's thermal products and emergency poncho. The emergency/survival blanket manufactured by BRW Diversified provides a waterproof, insulating layer between you and the elements for maximum body-heat reflection. The emergency survival pouch is made from the same space-age material, with the added benefits of providing an instant sleeping bag and more efficient heat retention. The one-size-fits-all emergency poncho is reusable and comes with an attached hood to ensure dryness and comfort.

Sometimes emergencies call for instant warmth. In a matter of seconds, SportsHeat packets can generate enough warmth to last 20 hours. Made of safe, biodegradable materials, these thermal packets are conveniently packaged for easy use.

For those in need of immediate shelter from a storm or disaster area, BRW Diversified offers its exclusive tube tent. Made of heavy-weight, waterproof material, the tube tent sets up in minutes and provides enough space for two adults to sleep comfortably. Lightweight (15 oz.) and compact, the tube tent can be easily stored and carried. In addition, the tube tent is available in safety orange for maximum visibility during emergencies.

Photoluminescence & Synthetic Light:
Darkness is often a companion to disaster. The absence of light can cut searches short and raise panic levels. But power outages and nightfall do not have to interfere with emergency efforts. BRW Diversified offers a line of photoluminescent products to light the way out of danger and allow rescues to proceed smoothly. In a snap, individually packaged cyalume sticks can provide from 5 minutes to 12 hours of light. These light sticks are available in red, green, yellow, orange, and light blue.

Reflective tapes and signage facilitate a speedy evacuation when time is of the essence. The Dalite photoluminescent pigment is a non-toxic chemical light source incorporated into a vinyl film that glows in total darkness after exposure to artificial or natural light. There is no limit to the number of times this photoluminescent tape can be recharged and used for an emergency.

They say knowledge is power. In an emergency, information is often vital to survival. Radio waves can carry important instructions and warnings to victims of disasters. The sense of human contact also can buouy the spirits of survivors as they wait for relief. When batteries are not available, the Dynamo and Solar Radio can draw and store energy from natural/incandescent light and DC outlets. After charging the radio, simply wind the crank for a few minutes to generate enough power for AM/FM radio playing.

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